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by anonymous

it is possible that the router sends the new IP address via email after the the new mobile connection is established?

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1 Answer

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by anonymous


To send new IP address via email first of all you should configure your Email User:

  • Go to System > Administration > Users & Recipients.
  • Add new user and click Edit.
  • Configure SMTP server (for this example we use gmail server).

  •  Click Save & Apply.

After configuring Email User, navigate Services > Events Reporting.

  • Click Add
  • Configure it as example below:

  • Make sure you use %mi argument in the Message text on Event  textbox to send new mobile IP address

After these steps, you should get new Email everytime your Mobile IP changes:

by anonymous
RUTX12; Works, but unfortunately I got the IP address primary modem, but I need the IP address of secondary modem. Is that possible?
by anonymous

Yes it is possible. In the Event Reporting window choose secondary modem instead of primary when you follow instruction above.

by anonymous
I would have thought, too, but when I tried it out, I received an IP address other than the Pulic IP address shown in the router's OVERVIEW for secondary modem.
by anonymous

I just tested this this myself and everything seems to work fine. Try to set your secondary modem as primary WAN interface and let me know if the problem persist
by anonymous
I have made. I get IP, but Overvieu says IP

I think that's because of the type of public IP at 'Plus' providers. Too bad.
by anonymous
Do you have any ideas how to solve this?

by anonymous

Could you try to log in to your router CLI interface and use ifconfig command. Check which IP is displayed in secondary modem Mobile WAN interface. Also could you send me your troubleshoot file via private message?