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by anonymous
It seems my RUTX11 reboots itself spontaneously, I cannot see anything in the systemlog that could be the issue.

It's powered using the Power adapter it was shipped with.

I have the troubleshoot file just half an hour after it happened that I can PM if interested.

The reboot happened around 13:00 2020-07-16

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please try these options below:

  • Other suitable power supply.
  • Check if there's anything that might be somehow reaching or pushing your reset button?
  • Make sure the current you're getting is stable.
  • The last option would be upgrading the firmware and resetting the router. (Rarely helps, but might be the software issue or bug).
  • If nothing from above helped you - please contact me via private message.
by anonymous
It's lying freely on the shelf so nothing is pressing the reset-button, wouldn't it be any entry about it being reset by button in the logs if that would have had happened?

I have an UPC I can try connect the router too and see if that helps.

I have recently reset the router so we can rule out that solution.

Is there any more logging you can do in the router to find what could cause the issue?
by anonymous
If it's a reboot issue - an error that maybe came up before that reboot will not be visible. Still, try another power supply, and if it wont work send me a troubleshoot file via private message so I could at least check your configuration.

by anonymous
A part from a bunch of other issues I’m having with this router RUTX10), it reboots itself every time I switch the Ethernet cable to port no. 2 which is configured as a VLAN port. I’m wasting my time with this device as nothing seems to work as expected  I will be returning it.

Edit : actually, if the Ethernet cable is pulled from any port, the router reboots. This cannot be normal, or is it ?
by anonymous
The spontaneous reboots are gone after a fully reset. But my device can reboot if I touch the power cable so I guess it's not properly fitted somehow.

I have my device in a closet and I'm not messing around in there so besides that it's among the most stable router i have had