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Hi all,

I got a RUTX09 working well on Vodafone IT for some week, no issues. Today, I connected my DrayTek 2926 router and changed the mobile interface on the Teltonika to 'passthrough' mode and inserted the MAC address of the DrayTek its WAN port. Again everything seemed to work well. 

Hours later the Teltonika had to restart due to some other insignificant reason (PoE adapter got unplugged). After this restart I start to get the automated SMS messages I configured in the SMS utility in case of connection issues. The messages indicated 'data connection is lost'. After some attempts it switched to SIM2 (another Vodafone IT card) which it was not able to establish data connection either (this made sense as credit was depleted on this SIM).

I disabled the SIM failover and after a restart it settled on SIM1 with the following status:

Data connection is 'disconencted' and IP address of the sim interface is "N/A". Interestingly the data is flowing from the Teltonika to the DrayTek router. The devices connected to the DrayTek have internet connections and all working fine. However the Teltonika still indicates data connection "disconnected" and IP Adress "N/A". 

The surprising thing this did not happen initially after setting up the passthrough settings. All was working fine, no SMS messages or anything. It was only later when I had to cut the power and restart the Teltonika that the SMS alerts came in and the Teltonika status of data connection settled on 'disconnected'.

Could anyone shine some light on this situation? Is it normal for data connection status to be "disconnected" in 'passthrough' mode perhaps? And does it also mean that SIM failover does not work anymore? 

Looking forward to hear your views!



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by anonymous


Could you download troubleshoot package from your RUTX09 router, preferably when mobile connection is working, but incorrect status is displayed, and send it to me via private message?

Troubleshoot package can be downloaded from "System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot" menu.