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we bought the RUT950 and we would like to know how to configure it. We have to install it on a bus and allow users to freely connect to the Internet up to an expected data limit. If a user exceeds the limit he / she must be able to purchase an additional data package by paying with paypal and if the payment is successful he / she must be able to navigate again until the next threshold is reached. Is it possible to configure the rut950 in this way? Could you tell us how to do it?

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You can't limit data for WiFi Access Points, but you can limit data for WiFi Hotspot users. However, there is currently no way to set up PayPal payments.

More information on Hotspots: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/index.php?title=Hotspot
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I'm looking for the way to limit the daily traffic or RUT950 for wifi clients too, or at least set the the speed limit. So that 6 Gb of daily 4G traffic, that I have, wasn't consumed in several hours. I didn't find any settings related to wifi clients management.