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I would like a confirmation before undergoing further purchases of my future installation.

I want to buy RUT950 and install it, but power over the ethernet cable. I looked into the supporting documentation but I find it rather light on the topic : https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT950_Powering_Options

I know it must done over port LAN1, but I want to make sure the output of the Zyxel-12HP will meet RUT950 requirements. It only delivers up to 30w so on that topic I think it's ok, but I am worried about all these compliance standards and mode A / mode B stuff...

If not, what appliance can I use to inject power of the ethernet cable ?


I have personally used the Ubiquiti passive poe injector POE-24-12W-g multiple times and they work great, very simple, and pretty good price!
Thanks a lot for the confirmation !

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Let me explain how Passive PoE works.

Passive PoE is indeed a possibility to power the router over LAN1 port, but there are some requirements that you must meet to make it work.

First of all, you must understand that Passive PoE is a way to send electric current out over the Ethernet cable at a certain voltage regardless of the device it's going to. It means that there is no negotiation between the power you're sending through it and a device itself.

Second of all, unlike Passive PoE, there is Active PoE which negotiates the right amount of voltage between the switch and PoE-powered devices. So you must never forget the difference between them and make research before connecting anything that sends electric current to your LAN port.

What you should also have in mind, that there are power supply standards and the device is NOT COMPLIANT with the IEEE 802.3af-2003 and IEEE 802.3at standards as they will damage the router. You can find more information about it here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB140_Powering_Options

To make Passive PoE work you will need something to negotiate between the power and a router, it could be passive PoE injector or Active to Passive PoE converter. Supply voltage must be in the 9-30 VDC range.

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you Ernestas for the quick answer.

So if I choose any 24V/1A passive POE injector, I should manage to get the RUT950 suitable power source over the ethernet cable, correct ?

Does teltonika provide any device that would suit this function ?


Unfortunately, we do not have anything like that at this moment.

Regarding your choice of PoE injector - yes, as long as it is in the 9-30VDC range it will make a good power source for your RUT950.