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Good morning, I was looking for some information we are currently running roughly 150/200 modems, and more or less everyone is losing comms after a while transferring data, is there a setting within the modems to stay alive or keep active? Currently running latest firmware 1.12.3 but things seem to get worst since installation of this firmware.

Any help would be much appreciated

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  1. Have you noticed some kind of pattern after what amount of hours/days of active connection you lose connectivity?
  2. Do all of these routers run the same operator SIM cards?
  3. Are there any more services that you run on these routers except using them for just a mobile connection?
  4. Is this happening from the start of using our routers or was there a time when everything was okay?
Also, check if there's anything that may cause this issue:
  • Check if you do not have a Data Limit set that would interrupt the constant data connectivity.
  • Make sure you have set manual mobile connectivity frequency bands.
  • Check if mobile antennas are holding up tightly and not loose. With that, check if your signal is good enough to hold up LTE connectivity.