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I am using the TRB140 with a standard SIM card. The state of data connection is connected. There is outgoing traffic, but 0 bytes incoming traffic. APN ist set to auto. I am not able to ping for example google.de from the TRB140 command line interface. If I change the APN from Auto to "internet.telekom.de" it works as intended (incoming traffic and google.de can be pinged). This behaviour does not occur every time, only about 1 of 3 times after the SIM has been changed.

What could be the cause?

Thank you!

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Hi again,

Some of the operators themselves highly recommend using manual APN setting to keep the stable connection. It might be that your operator is having some internal stability issues that could cause your connection on APN auto to be unstable. If there's a possibility for you to use their APN and manually set it - please do so.

Thank you very much. So I can assume that the APN is determined by the network operator and not by the TRB140 when using the Auto-APN functionality?
Yes, APNs aren't stored in our system, they're just setting names referenced in the operator system.