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Every now and then after reboot (or power-on), RS232 port wakes up in a state, where it receives data, but cannot send any. Meaning, that no activity can be observed on pin 2 (RXD).

Our RS232 port is configured as Serial type Over-IP (TCP), mode Server.

The connection is made with three wires, GND, RXD and TXD. All the other pins are left unconnected.

Rebooting the device solves the problem, as after a few reboot cycles RS232 starts working as expected, but we are keen to find a solution without a need for reboot.

We are working with the latest firmware, RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1.

Any ideas?

2 Answers

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Can you send me a private message with router troubleshoot file when this issue occurs? I want to check what errors are in logs.

Also, do you have this one router or more? If more, does this issue occurs with all your device?
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Thank you so much for this.  Mobdro