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by anonymous
What happens if mobile reaches the data limit and speed goes down to 5kbs?

Currently I setup load balancing on RUT955 with ratios 1 on wlan to 5 on mobile. Mobile SIM card has daily data limit, after that provider decreases the speed to the minimum. In this case I want that the WLAN takes compete data load.

Assume I wanna have download speed of 20mbs, and load balancing is 1:5 (WLAN 1 and Mobile 5). If the speed of Mobile decreases to 5kbs, will WLAN take the rest of data load, means 20mbs, or the speed of WLAN will also decrease?

Best, Dimitri

1 Answer

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by anonymous

For now, there is no implementation of detection when your data plan forces your speeds down to the ridiculously small amount of download/upload speeds. I've reported your issue and RnD will look into it.

Load balancing does work perfectly fine in the scenario when it should split the traffic into ratio proportions, but we didn't think of a scenario when operator forces download/upload speeds to lower amounts when you're out of data. So it was just assumed as operator issue of doing things their way.

Anyway, as this issue pops up not for the first time, I reported it and will let you know if any new feature will be developed as a solution to this.

Thank you.