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by anonymous

I'm using Teltonika RUT955 H7V3C0 (modem: Quectel EC25E) with prepaid SIM card. What I'd like to do is track my account balance. For me, option to send USSD and receive answer would be suitable enough, I could process the repsonse then. But are there any Teltonika toolkits to send USSD codes?

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by anonymous


Yes, you can send USSD from your RUT955. For that you would need to connect to router's CLI ("Services -> CLI" menu) or SSH (e.g. using "Putty" software for windows):

  • SSH/CLI login: root
  • SSH/CLI password: <your router's password>

and use the following command: "gsmctl -A 'ATD<dial_code>''", example: gsmctl -A 'ATD*1234#'

Additionally, you can enable "Mobile data limit" feature on the router (from "Network -> Mobile -> Data limit" menu), which would allow you to see used data amount, even if router was restarted (i.e. data counter would not reset even after router's restart). Once feature is enabled, you need "Limit Guard" tad would appear in "Status -> Overview" menu.

by anonymous


Yes, this is possible. Nowadays you do not even need "special firmware", any standard/base firmware release are also able to do that.

Simply use above instructions. In short:

 - Connect to your router via SSH/CLI:

  • SSH/CLI login: root
  • SSH/CLI password: <your router's password>
 - Then send your desired USSD command with "gsmctl -U" CLI/SSH command. Example: gsmctl -U "*100#"
 - Read the response form operator using "cat /tmp/ussd" CLI/SSH command. Take note that answer might few moments to arrive. If this response is not yet available (e.g. file is not present), simply check few moments latter.

Great! It really works.

by anonymous


I have no idea what I am doing wrong on my RUT950s (attempting to check the SIM balance via USSD). I followed the steps exactly, yet I always get the same response (even if trying to check the cat /tmp/ussd file for up to 5 minutes afterwards, multiple times).

I am running FW version RUT9_R_00.07.02.7

What am I doing wrong.

The USSD functionality using that same USSD code works perfectly in the Web interface, but for some reason not here.

Please help!

by anonymous


With RUTOS firmware versions (00.07.00 and higher), the USSD command's output is stored in a slightly different file.

The file's name would be different for different device models.

In your case, the file's name would most likely be "ussd_1-1.4_1". I.e. "cat /tmp/ussd_1-1.4_1" command should show you the command's output.

In case this command would also not work, or if you would ever use different Teltonika devices/models, you can do the following:

 - Execute USSD command with the same command: gsmctl -U "*100#"

 - Use "ls /tmp" command to see all files in the /tmp directory. You should look for a file, which would start with "ussd" text. Alternatively, you can manually type "cat /tmp/ussd" in the command's field and then press the "tab" keyboard button, so that the SSH window could autocomplete the command.

by anonymous

Excellent!! It works!

Thank you so much! I should have signed up to the crowd-support ages ago!!