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by anonymous


i have a CCTV station connected to my RUT955.

Everytime the device reboots, intentionally or due to power outage - which occurs rather often - the device boots into a strange disfunctional state:

1. The device reconnects to the internet.
2. All WLAN Networks occur.
3. Connection to the WLAN Networks from any device is possible but with neither access to the internet nor to the web UI nor can the RUT955 be pinged.
4. The CCTV Recorder (Axis Communications - Companion line) can access internet via the wired LAN connection.

Only solution found until now is to disconnect the CCTV Recorder from the LAN-Port, reboot and reconnect afterwards then, WebUI an Internet access are provided again. But this is inacceptable as the router is on a remote site and has to provide high availability as it is used for a security application.

As this behaviour does not really make sense in any way i guess this is a bug in the firmware, as any connected LAN device should never be able to cause the router to boot into some odd semi-bricked state.

Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1
Firmware build date 2020-03-13, 09:37:25
Kernel version 3.18.44
Bootloader version 3.2.4

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by anonymous

I want to clarify. Did a similar situation start to arise after installing the latest firmware or was it before?

Best regards, Aliaksandr!
by anonymous
I needed to update the firmware upon installation as my provider was unable to be set up with the factory-fw. So the described behaviour only occured on the fw-revision mentioned above and can be repeated.
by anonymous


Is it possible for you to send me a troubleshoot file in PM?

You could find it in WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

Best regards, Aliaksandr!

by anonymous
Happened again, just 3 days after I flew there and set it up again storm Ianos caused a power outage yesterday and the device is offline again.

At first it was still reachable via rms but did not assign any dhcp leases to the connected devices, today in the morning it was completely offline.
by anonymous

Have you tried configuring static leases for devices on the router's LAN? Also change the time of allocation of an IP address?

Best regards, Aliaksandr!