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I configured Hotspot and landing page in wifi as well. but i need to extent it with another wifi AP.

how i can transfer this hotpot in to LAN port?

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by anonymous


For that, you can use relayd functionality. It will let other router DHCP server handle your connected wifi clients.

If you follow the instructions and have hotspot enabled in the primary DHCP server router - it should all work as you want.

Some important notes that you shouldn't forget:

  • Only primary router needs to have DHCP server enabled, secondary needs to have it OFF.
  • Make sure that routers have different LAN IP's. A secondary router must not interfere with primary routers Access point subnet and LAN IP should be in the same subnet as primary router LAN IP. So let's say your primary router has as it's LAN IP, then your secondary router should be, but also make sure it's not interfering in any way with primary router AP subnet (192.168.2.x).
  • When you will connect your secondary router in Station mode to the hotspot - it will not have internet connection. Only when your first client connects - the router will gain an internet connection from the primary router hotspot.

Not that.

my configuration.

1.Lan :

2. WIFI: when i configured hotspot feature wifi got 192.168.2..0/24 and as gateway , dhcp server enable by default.

situation: i can only access radius server landing page through Teltonika wifi. But i need it on Lan port as well to connect another AP and access though it.

Device: Teltonika RUT955 LTE Router.
by anonymous

You could use internal and external radius set-up then.

Use both to extend into one hotspot through LAN.


hi did you get a solution for this? i need exactly the same setup with portal on lan ports