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Hi there,

I got a RUT950 (used one) and now I am trying to get it working. Unfortunately, I am not successful.

Plugin in the power cable - the power led starts blinking. All next steps (whatever I do) have no response. Also, the reset button (pressing up to 2 min) shows no response. Also connecting via cable with PC does not allow me to enter the landing page.

Any idea how I can bring the router to live? Mandatory to fill SIM cards? Any other tricky workaround to bring this assest to start working?

Many thanks for your support
forgot to mention - I am using a MacBook

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hi Thomas,

Is it the power LED or connection status LED that is blinking? Could you please let me know more about LED behaviour. Regarding your question about SIM cards, no you don't have to use one if you don't want. Those are not related.

If you can't reset the device, you can try to update the firmware via Bootloader menu. Follow the steps here

Let me know more about LEDs please If nothing comes out of that and bootloader doesn't work, there's a high chance it's physical