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If a 4G router with GPS capability is installed in a fleet of vehicles, how can you determine from which vehicle a GPS message was sent ?

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There are several ways how you can determine vehicle exact vehicle location:

  • You could use „Send to HTTP/HTTPS server“ functionality. It sends all the GPS data, router's serial number and IMEI number. Using this data you could identify the vehicle.
  • Another example is device tracking via RMS. Just name every device after vehicle name and track them using RMS interface.


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Thanx for your help. The HTTP/HTTPS would be a very suitable solution. I was looking at RUT850 but it does not seem to have such an option. Do you know which 4G router has such an option ?

Update: I found the option. It was not in the user manual but as you pointed out, it was in the wiki. Thx again.

According to our wiki, RUT850 have that option. Just login to WebUI and go to Services > GPS  and choose HTTPS tab.

Link to wiki page: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT850_GPS#HTTPS.2FHTTP_Server_Settings