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I had to downgrade to FW ver: RUT9XX_R_00.06.05.3 because I'm using static IPs. However, the behavior was the same with 6.6.1, but not tested as thoroughly.

Static IP version question - https://community.teltonika-networks.com/18363/rut955-custom-apn-problem?show=18363#q18363

Sending SMS messages to the modem never shows in the statistics, no actions happen, no responses.

Trying to send from the modem outbound shows red "timeout" in the WebUI.

Using the SMS gateway (which must be enabled first), I've tried (303xxxyyyy is a US area code/phone number):

  •<pass>&number=001303xxxyyyy&text=test message
  •<pass>&number=+1303xxxyyyy&text=test message
  •<pass>&number=%2B303xxxyyyy&text=test message
  •<pass>&number=1303xxxyyyy&text=test message
  •<pass>&number=303xxxyyyy&text=test message

All return "+CMS ERROR: 350".

I've tried the sim card in my personal cell phone and it can send and receive SMS messages just fine.

Does the phone number in question have to be in the white list? I tried, no apparent difference.


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Have you tried other sim cards in your router? Do they output the same result?
Same behavior on 6 modems, 6 sim cards.