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I often have the following problem with the router RUT240:

Reception is briefly lost. As soon as the router has successfully registered itself in the mobile network again, the Connection Technology 4G and the signal quality is also very good, it can sometimes happen that the Data Connection remains disconnected.

How can I reregister and establish a functioning data connection via the API (SSH)? I found this (https://community.teltonika-networks.com/17649/rut240-json-rpc-command-list-does-it-include-register-mobile), but it does not work!

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In most cases when you have great signal and connectivity to your operator and still no data connection, it means that operator probably needs you to set up a custom APN. 

Follow this wiki page and you should find the option to disable Auto APN and change with the one operator provided you with. (if not, most of the time custom APNs should be in their website).