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Hi. I have an RUT955 being used purely for a 4G connection within a busy household. Typically 20-30 devices connected.

I am having a specific problem with the nintendo switch which occurs only when connected to my RUT955. 

The symptom: I have two Nintendo switches. Both switches seem to randomly 'disconnect' from the network. This occurs whether connected by wifi or direct ethernet. Certain online games disconnect immediately when the switch is not connected to a network. This is not the same as having an internet outage where you get a different behaviour. For example when playing Fortnite after 5 mins - 15mins you get a 'network connection error' if it was an internet problem your character just freezes until the internet comes back.

I have diagnosed it to the router as the switch performs well when connected to another network (eg my phone's mobile hot spot)

I have tried:

  • Rebooting the router
  • Rolling back firmware (to 6.5.3) 
  • Manually setting IP address
  • Physically relocating the router
  • Connecting router directly to switch using a lan adaptor
Other device (PC, phone etc) all work fine
Any thoughts on how to fix it?

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by anonymous

I want to check in more details. Please generate a troubleshoot file after Nintendo disconnects from the network and send it to me via private message.

Go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and click Download.