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Hi all. I am a fairly basic user and and having problems with port access/ firewall set up. Mostly down to my lack of knowledge and understanding of the interface on the unit.

To simplify the problem for now I have a device on the local network which I am trying to access remotely. The supplier has a web access UI which keep erroring when trying to connect to the device - the suppliers have also tried with errors. They are a big company so I can only assume it is a problem at my end on the firewall.

The supplier tells me that port 443 needs to be open which I had thought was a standard port??? And as far as I can tell is open....

Any help much appreciated as always.

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Regarding your issue as what i understand you want to reach the device behind the firewall via port 443 right? If yes could you share me a network topology to understand the scenario with the proper addressing. Also may i know what type of IP address is your client using is it Public or Private IP addresses. 

For information about Private and Public Addresses: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Private_and_Public_IP_Addresses

Hope it helps