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by anonymous

RUT955 properties:

Firmware version


Build Date

2020-03-13 09:37:25

Kernel version


Bootloader version


After unpacking the device and making me familiar with the basics I started configuration with updating to the newest firmware version (see above). I do not remember whether FOTA under menu "System>Firmware", tab "FOTA", was enabled or not. Yet, later on this setting became important again when I wanted to install the "USB Tools" (have been removed from standard firmware in this version) via "System>Package Manager"; there were no entries in the list of packages and an error message occured. Finally I turned FOTA to on and the Package Manager worked again; I could install the "USB Tools".

Is it necessary to set FOTA to active for both cases, firmware update AND installation of packages? When to set it to passive then?

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by anonymous

Yes, it is necessary to keep FOTA on when you're trying to fetch packages in the package manager. Firmwares and packages all come from our server and if you want to keep those up to date we highly recommend keeping FOTA on. It will not use any additional data except if you're not trying to manually fetch the data from the server.

by anonymous
Hello EB,

thanks a lot for your quick answer. I understood that it is good practise to having FOTA switched on; in this case, is there a notification from your FOTA server when a new firmware version is available, either for main RUT955 firmware or for installed packages? In which scenario is it advisable then to turn FOTA to off (Teltonika introduced the check box for some reason!)? Thanks in advance for your explanation. BR Guenther
by anonymous
There's no notification, it is best to keep an eye on our wiki downloads page or checking RMS daily to see if there's an update. As I said, FOTA does not automatically check is there a new firmware available, it checks it manually once you enter firmware update WebUI page or check RMS. So it really doesn't matter if you turn FOTA on or off, it will only cause you to see or not to see the updates and packages available.

by anonymous
Hello Ernestas,

thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Where are you located? Does Teltonika provide support based on time zones? Thanks, BR Guenther in Germany
by anonymous
It depends, we have offices all over the world, but most of the support team works from 07AM to 5PM by EEST time in Lithuania.

by anonymous
In this case Ernestas is a Lithuanian name. Thanks again, all the best for you, BR Guenther