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We are reading sensor data using rs485 modbus serial master and try to send it to azure hub with modbus data to server. Using te JSON format:
  “timestamp” : “2020-05-25T04:10:54.205Z”,
  “sensors” : [
      “sensor”:  “s_externaltemp”,
      “unit”:  “celsius”,
      “value”:  *register 1040*
      “sensor”:  “s_humidity”,
      “unit”:  “percentage”,
      “value”:  *register 1030*

We need the register data to be seperate in order to use this format. Each value means a different, non-sequential register. The sensor board does not allow for multiple slave addresses. If we try to make this format all the read registers are put after each other and we would like to seperate them. Is this possible and how?

Kind regards,

Lex van Vugt

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Currently RUT955 does not have a feature like that. Although you could use our SDK and customize the software the way you want it to work. You can find more details here:


There also is a possibility for us to create a feature like that for you, but that would require for you to start a custom feature development process. That can be done by contacting Teltonika's sales managers.