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I am using RUTX11 (FW RUTX_R_00.02.04.1), and connecting by LAN to a Windows PC.

Can I connect a serial device to the USB port (using a FTDI USB-Serial) and see it as a COM port in the PC Device Manager to access it?

Can USB over IP tool do this? How to configure it? And do I need to install a USB over IP client on the PC? Where do I get it?

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You can try visiting below URL
you can use usb to serial connector to USB port and you can connect your end serial device on other end of converter.
and you can take help from above link.

hope this will help you.


Hi , I solved like this : 

open rutx11 CLI

log in as ROOT
and ... 

Installation is simple, figure out the architecture of your server device (RUTx11 has ARM 32bit )

  1. wget http://www.virtualhere.com/sites/default/files/usbserver/vhusbdarm
  2. chmod +x ./vhusbdarm (to make that file executable)
  3. ./vhusbdarm -b (to run it in the background)
  4. Plug USB devices to share into your server and run the Client on the remote machine

This solution will let you use one usb device for free if you need more you'll have to buy license for 49usd 

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Thank you for your reply.

I have seen that configuration options, and tried them, but my problem is how do I access the serial device from the PC? I don't see any COM port showing up in the PC Device Manager. And I cannot find any usage examples of the USB Serial port, or tools to access it.

Best answer

We do not have option to generate a virtual com port.
Over IP configuration from the serial configuration will convert serial to over IP.

For example Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP  or serial to TCP.

Right, I just managed to work it out. Used Over IP configuration in Server mode, and a virtual serial port to Ethernet application (several available that work, like this one https://www.virtual-serial-port.org/products/serial-over-ethernet/). This will generate a local COM port, connected to the remote TCP port in RUTX11.

Thank you for all the help.


Good to hear that.