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Hi Folks,

I have an ipCam, which does not support https (well only self signed and i need an official cert), and a RUT240.

I want that the RUT240 can be accessible with https (the cert will then be installed on the RUT 240 ) and the http webcamstream is then somehow wrapped in the official https stream. I think this is something an reverse proxy can do?

Do you think this would be possible with a RUT240?

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by anonymous


You can use your own HTTPS certificate on RUT240, as RUT240 uses self-signed certificates:

To use your own HTTPS certificates on RUT240 go to System -> Root CA. But if you want to make connection from RUT240 to webcame to be in HTTPS then you can try using Stunnel feature, under Services -> VPN -> Stunnel and simply enable it, add new Stunnel configuration also enable it and enter:

Operation mode: server

Listen IP:

Listen port: port number which will be used for making connection to end device, example 6000

Connect IP's: IP + port number to which connection will be redirected, for example

Upload certificates: you can use X.509 certificates.

After that even thou end device only supports HTTP, you will be making HTTPs connection to that device.

Best answer

Hey, thank you very much for your detailed answere. Sorry that i come back so late to that but it still wont work.

Well as you described two ways i just wanted to comment that I needed to use the second one with the stunnel. I did everythin you mentioned and even more I tried another certificates but I still get the ERR_Connection_Refused in Chrome and something like that on Firefox . So as I did not want to bother you any longer i did some RTFM (because now i know what i was looking for) and i found that I have to open the listening Port in the Firewall ( Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules)

DNS ist working: I have a connedtion this means that the dns name is going to be translated into the ip.

Honestly I have no Idea where to look further.