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by anonymous

Good morning,

I'm using RUT950 (R_00.06.06.1) in past as PPTP VPN Server. Connecting from a remote W10 PC all worked prefectly, reaching all other machines on remote network.

Now I changed from PPTP to L2TP following VPN connection is OK but I can reach ONLY the RUT950 IP ( All other hosts are not pingable/reachable.

No modifications to default routes/firewall/zones have been made on the router.

What is wrong? 

Thanks in advance.


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please check Firewall > Traffic rules. L2TP zone should be able to reach the LAN zone.

You should also note that you need to create an L2TP subnet in the existing DHCP subnet to make your scenario work, but make sure IP addresses that will be automatically assigned by DHCP and IP addresses that will be coming from L2TP side won't collide (conflict with each other).



Hi Ernest, thanks for the reply.

Following some screenshot for my current router configuration:

L2TP Server config:

and Firewall zones:

I also have choosen L2TP range IP from 0.250 to 0.253 for DHCP in order not to go in conflict with normal DHCP (from 190 to 199).

All configurations seem to be OK. By th way I cannot ping anything except Also ping command reports that "destination PORT is unreachable" (pls note the word PORT instead of HOST)

Thanks in advance for the help.

by anonymous
Could you try enabling masquerading on LAN and then trying to ping?


I also checked "masquerading" for LAN as shown in following, but I still cannot ping any other station.

by anonymous
Would you be willing to do a remote session? Please private message me with AnyDesk ID then.

by anonymous
Ok, I'm going to create an access by AnyDesk. I'll let you know in PM.

by anonymous
Was there any resolution to your issue?
I'm currently experiencing the exact same issue and can't resolve...