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I have to provide IPSEC Tunnel (IKEv1|IKEv2, AES 256) with bandwith min. 20 M/sec. Witch RUT device could provide such performance and met up with requirements? I'm thinking about using RUT240, but I'm a little afraid about performance.

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It depends. If you're going to use a 4G mobile connection on RUT240 and even if it has a good signal, over IPSec it's not going to be great. I did some tests that were going between RUT240 and RUT955 and the results look something like this:

With the wired ethernet connection on one (or both sides) you should get better results and I think you should be able to reach 20Mbps.

With the RUTX series devices, you should get much better performance as it uses LTE CAT 6.

NOTE: Bandwidth does not only depend on one device, but you also got to make sure that the server that responds is fast enough too.


Thx for the fast reply. In this project, I will have about 750 endpoints on LTE links (every IPSEC 256 ~20 Mb/sec each). The end of the tunnel will be terminated on Cisco ASR1001HX (I think it will be enough for this ;-).

As You said the best one for the job will be RUTX09, but is something similar and cheaper (I don't need to LTE CAT6 and WiFi) may be less performance?
Unfortunately, there's a big leap between RUT2/RUT9 and RUTX series, and network performance boost only will feel on RUTX.