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Hi, I have a RUT955 4G router where all of a sudden all devices except one have lost their internet connection.

My phone maintains its connection even if I turn off WIFI and then reconnect but other devices will connect to the WIFI but without internet connection.

I have disconnected my phone from the network yet no other device will get an internet connection, I have factory reset the router, I have also upgraded the firmware to the latest version,  FW ver RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1, but still only get a connection on my phone when I connect it to the network.

Any other ideas?

Thanks, Lee.

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Could you please send me your troubleshoot file so I could check what's going on in your logs?

Make sure you connect at least one of your devices that are not working to WiFi before downloading the troubleshoot.

Send it to me via private message.

Thank you.

Thanks, I will try to do this when I return home this evening.