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by anonymous


i am trying to create an openvpn network, point to multipoint. I am using 13 RUT240 devices, one as server and the rest as clients. I need also all local LANs to connect to each other.
I have setup the server and one client and working so far (without routing the LANs yet).
I want to set Static IP to each of the clients. Is it possible to skip the tls client setup and use only one IP per client by using ccd files? Do i need to change something in the config file of the server and the client? (–topology mode p2p or subnet)

here is the config files of the server

config webui 'webui'
     option _auth 'tls'
config teltonika_auth_service 'teltonika_auth_service'
     option enable '0'
     option remote ''
config openvpn 'server_1'
     option _role 'server'
     option keepalive '10 120'
     option verb '5'
     option dev 'tun_s_1'
     option persist_key '1'
     option enable '1'
     option proto 'tcp-server'
     option port '11940'
     option comp_lzo 'yes'
     option _auth 'tls'
     option _tls_cipher 'all'
     option client_to_client '1'
     option server ''
     option auth 'sha1'
     option _tls_auth 'none'
     option ca '/lib/uci/upload/'
     option cert '/lib/uci/upload/cbid.openvpn.server_1.cert'
     option key '/lib/uci/upload/cbid.openvpn.server_1.key'
     option dh '/lib/uci/upload/cbid.openvpn.server_1.dh'
     option enable_ccd '1'
     option client_config_dir '/etc/openvpn/ccd'
     option cipher 'BF-CBC'

1 Answer

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by anonymous


If I understood you correctly - the main goal is to connect them all locally. For that I suggest you using OpenVPN TAP. It will help you reach out to other local networks and bridge them together.

Also, I did some googling for you and found a nice guide with static IP addresses.

As this is more OpenVPN based question which has almost nothing to do with the router itself, this is everything I can give you right now. Hope it helps.


by anonymous
Hello ErnestasB, thank you for the reply and the guide.
I know it is an OpenVPN issue but i was wondering if i could solve it from the webui.
If there is no other response here i will setup the OpenVPN service from the cli connection, and solve my problem this way.

Thank you
by anonymous
Unfortunately, additional features that are presented only in OpenVPN and not represented in WebUI can only be changed in OpenVPN config itself. Regarding TAP configuration - it is changeable through WebUI.

by anonymous
Yes i know about TAP configuration, i have another project with 3 RUT240 working with TAP perfectly. For this project i need TUN because each local network is in a different subnet and i need the routing.

Thank you for all the help.