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I'm trying to enable multicast between the LAN and the mobile WAN without success. In router mode,  from the CLI, I can ping a multicast address on the Sgi but multicast traffics on the LAN are not forwarded to the mobile WAN. I set up static IP routes for multicast address ranges, enable broadcast using sysctl, set up iptables to accept input, output and forward multicast flows but multicast  traffics are not forwarded between LAN and mobile WAN. I ran out of idea, can you please give me some light ?

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Not sure about bridged/passthrough modes, but in general multicast traffic has TTL value of 1, hence in NAT/router mode, it will not be routed (everytime packet passes through a route-engine, TTL will be decremented for 1, a packet with TTL of 0 will be dropped).  Without PIM support it is not possible in NAT/router mode. Passthrough mode (theoretically) should flood multicast (similar to broadcast).

EDIT: looks like there is a solution but l haven't tried myself: