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by anonymous
I use RUT240 for remote support to a customer. R240 has static ip-address on 4G, private network and I can remotely access the webui on R240 and change config - no problem.

Now I need to forward port 80 to a device on the LAN (behind the R240), and I know well how to do that.

However, how can I access the R240 webui after forwarding port 80? Will I loose the webui access?

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by anonymous

EDIT: answer in the comments.


Simply forward another port (not 80). For example, if your router's IP is x.x.x.x and the LAN device is x.x.x.y, forward a random port (for example, port 81) to x.x.x.y:80. This way you can connect to the RUT240's static IP address port 80 and reach the WebUI or connect to port 81 and reach the LAN device:

  • connect ---> x.x.x.x:80 ---> RUT240 WebUI
  • connect ---> x.x.x.x:81 ---redirect---> x.x.x.y:80


Best answer
by anonymous
I am well aware of this possibility, I usually forward WAN:8080 to LAN:80 and can access the device WebUI.

However, in this particular case, I do not use a browser but a device configuration program, and this program uses port 80 and I cannot change that. So I need to forward WAN:80 to LAN:80 to access the device using the config.pgm.

And if I do, I am afraid I will not be able to access the RUT WebUI after that.

Is it possible to restore the port forwarding by Telnet, SSH or even an SMS to the R240?
by anonymous

What if you change the WebUI port to something else other than 80? This can be done from the System → Administration → Access Control page.

To answer your question yes, it is possible to restore most configurations using different methods:

  • SSH is the simplest way if you have remote access over WAN. To undo a Port Forwarding configuration, log in via SSH and edit the /etc/config/firewall file; find the related rule and delete it. You can enable remote SSH access in the System → Administration → Access Control page.
  • If you don't have access over WAN, you can add your device to RMS. From there you can do the following to restore Port Forwarding:
  • You can use the UCI API rule from Services → SMS Utilities to change the router's configuration over SMS. However, this method is the most complicated as it would require knowledge of the UCI system
  • You can also access the router's WebUI over a VPN network. Just make sure the Port Forwarding rule does not forward connections to port 80 coming from VPN.
(By the way, the RMS links are a bit out of date, but it should enough to relay the idea.)


by anonymous
Aaah, so simple. Sorry I missed to check that page in the RUT240. Thank you very much! I will try tomorrow.

Re. RMS: this is an entirely private network with no internet access, only devices inside the network can reach each other. I believe the RMS requirers internet (?).

But SSH and VPN should be possible.

Once again, thank you for clear and quick response.