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by anonymous
Hi, i'm wondering if you could add the Travelmate package and Luci App as default package. It is quite useful by connecting to captive portal wifi's.

Regards Dirk

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by anonymous

To implement packages into firmware itself you will need to compile yourself a custom firmware. You can refer to this page: for instruction on how to do it.

by anonymous
Hi, yes i know that but don't you think it would be useful for others, too? I would like to have it natively included. Regards
by anonymous
At this moment, there were not many people (or even close to none) that needed these specific packages in their firmware so implementing it into base firmware is not practical due to limited memory space.

If it's necessary for you to have these packages based in the firmware you can compile them into the firmware and share it here.

If there's a specific solution surrounding these packages and you want them implemented somehow specifically - I would suggest you contact the sales manager to discuss this project further.

This functionality would be highly useful for mobile applications.  Often one travels and connects to a guest wifi.  Then returning home you want to reconnect to your home-base wifi automatically, and without having to reenter the SSID / Password.  

Sometimes one wifi network can go down but another is available.  Consider a 2 wifi networks from the same source, but 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz.  It would be useful to connect to that secondary network automatically while reserving cellular connection as a tertiary backup.  Some users just want the function without having to learn how to program and compile.