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Recently purchased a RUT955 in Brazil. We want to install it in a car (4x4 pickup truck) that will provide support to racing cars during the "Sertoes Rally" (kind of Brazilian version of Dakar). The idea is to be as connected as possible in any available network (2G, 3G, 4G, ...) while taking advantage of the 2 SIMs feature, better antenna and other features. This car need to be connected to receive SOS messages from racing cars, communicate with other support cars, dispatch services and so on.   

We are getting a MIMO-3 antenna from Poynting to enhance our reception.

Would like to ask you guys some tips on how to configure the RUT955 properly for this mission.

Many thanks,


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If your SIM cards uses non-standard or non-public APN's, make sure that it is entered for each SIM card.

When configuring SIM switching do not forget to enable "Switch back to primary SIM card after timeout" for secondary SIM card and enter time after which router must try to use primary SIM again. Without this option RUT955 will use secondary SIM, if no  other switching option is triggered. For other SIM switching options you must evaluate cellular communication situation in area where pickup truck will be travelling and accordingly configure them.

From mobile communication this must be enough