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Use case #1:

One device, with embedded Web server on port 80 or 443, connected to a RUT 240

RUT 240 using a Sim card from Orange provider, with specific APN and private WAN Ip address

Computers, connected to the internet, whoch need to access the device web pages through the router, a secured way
We want to secure the connection, using OpenVPN.
Our idea is to have a OpenVPN server setup on RUT240 and OpenVPN client on each computer.
problem is that since the router is having a private WAN IP address, it cannot be seen from other computers and DynDNS doesn't work neither.
Is there a way we can solve this ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, you will need a Public IP address to make it work, as there must be an open endpoint to connect to.

So in this case I would recommend you get a Public IP from your mobile service provider.

Thanks EB.

I wonder how RMS is able to reach our the RUT ? There must be a way to esatblish a connection btw the router and any kind of server somewhere.
by anonymous
RMS uses the MQTT protocol to make a connection with our RUT devices, but you can't use the generated links as your public IP address for VPN infrastructure.

For this kind of setup, we've planned RMS VPN, which is still under development and it's unknown when it will be released.