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We want to configure Input action, so activate the Output when the Input is triggered.

Options are only: Seconds, While exist and Delayed action.

How about option to change Output On/Off for example on High level trigger? When input signal received, it changes output to Off, when another input recieved change to On - we want that.

Basically, we have push button switch on equipment and we want to change outputs On/Off with this button. Button is momentary mode, so it only send signal when pressed, when released contact is closed again.

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Regarding this the options available on the RUT240 is what we can offer out of the box. 

But here are some solution that you can use as an alternative.
1. The usage of latching push button switches instead of momentary switches.
2. Configure 2 profiles in the router and configure them like this:

Default profile: Output is Low Level, Input trigger = high and the action=change profile to OutputON profile.

OutputON profile: Output is High Level, Input trigger=high and the action=change profile to default profile. 

Note: Everything that you are configuring on the default profile you must also apply in the second profile.

3. If you really want to have this function you may contact your sales manager :)

Hope it helps