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Dear community,

I have recently purchased RUT950 router to use as a generic internet access point for personal devices.

I am currently trying to configure the security settings and a bit overwhelmed by the number of parameters options. I know that all of them are described in the manual, however it is hard for a non-expert to pick the right settings. Could I find some guide with the recommended settings?

I am especially interested in securing the setup well and secure firewall settings. For example, by default input and output connections on firewall are set to accepted. Is it safer to input and forward settings to drop? Is it safer to separate clients in wireless settings?

Many thanks,


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by anonymous

All the default settings that you see are set so you, as a casual/home user could browse your internet and yet have a secure network.

It is better not to change anything and leave everything by default if you're still learning about networking and security of it.

To help you, I can suggest to you our WIKI, which should help you a lot in configuring your network and give it the best security measures:

If you're more interested in protocols, authentication, and maybe encryption algorithms - then looking for answers on YouTube or specific forums of that exact protocol would work the best for you.