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Good day,

Our RUT955 behaves problematically: After restarting the RUT955, its LAN interface can't be reached from the LAN until we log in to the virtual IP address of the OpenVPN connection on the WAN interface — which is reestablished immediately after restart, so that's great — and ping a host on the LAN subnet; at that point, the RUT955 LAN interface comes up and responds to pings from the LAN subnet.

Our use-case is unconventional: The RUT955 is not the gateway off of the LAN subnet, it is only accepting RS-232 and/or RS-485 communication and sending it over the OpenVPN tunnel.  Because of this, the RUT955 LAN DHCP server is disabled and a static IP address is assigned to the LAN interface.  The main purpose of the RUT955 LAN interface is to allow us to remotely manage the RUT955 in the event of a lost OpenVPN connection.  If we have to log in via an OpenVPN connection to get the LAN interface to work, but there isn't an OpenVPN connection... well, you get the picture.  This is potentially a Very Big Problem® for us.  We need to get it fixed before it's a VBP.

Thank you,

Brian Oak

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Hi, problem may lay in the gateway. If the gateway is unknown or isnt a default one, until route is somehow established or used - there is no way end device will find how to reach some kind of lan

Hi, I appreciate your reply.  Seems to me that a big issue here is how little configuration of the LAN interface is possible when the interface isn't the LAN gateway and/or LAN DHCP server:

There's no place to set the LAN gateway, or anything other than the IP address, the netmask, and the broadcast address.  To be clear, we need the default gateway (to to route through the WAN interface.  How should we establish the route to the LAN, as you suggest?