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Could you please tell if it is possible to log mobile signal parameters to flash/ram and eventually get this data posted to ftp or http post'ed somewhere?

Something like the Traffic Logging works and pushes batches of logs onto a specified FTP server but for mobile signal.

Ideally I'd like to have an output of this command, timestamped:

gsmctl -A AT+QCAINFO

+QCAINFO: "pcc",6300,50,"LTE BAND 20",1,316,-65,-11,-35,21

+QCAINFO: "scc",323,75,"LTE BAND 1",1,351,-87,-15,-62,24

and pushed somewhere where I could parse it and store chronologically.


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This can be done in two scenarios:

The first one, is creating a cron that would execute your wanted command and output it straight into a file.

gsmctl -A AT+QCAINFO > output.txt

And then using other command in cron that would curl your file to FTP server:

curl -T output.txt ftp://serverurl --user FTPUser:FTPPass

Second way to do it would be having a free or premium syslog server that would filter out cron scheduled command.