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by anonymous
I am in need of persistent modem shutdown (no power) over reboots. The reason for my question is that I do not want the customers TRB-14x and RUT2x0 gateway/routers (in my case) to interfere with measurement equipment in or around the 2GHz band. I want to turn on mobile access (the modem) when, and only when, wan link is unavailable. The option to switch the modem on and then quickly shut it of again at power-on or after a reboot is *NOT* an option. Switching on or off mobile data is also not an option.

I know it is possible to switch off the power to the modem using the gsmctl command (, but this is for some unstated reason set to expire after 60 seconds. BTW, How do you switch it on again?

If this option is not available, I would like to add an RFE for this to an upcoming firmware release. An advanced feature to persistent turn off power through GUI and CLI and with this having the possibility to turn on/off the modem using, for instance, cron or the SDK. I think you get the idea... It would be nice to have this functionality over the whole teltonika-mobile gateways/routers family.

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by anonymous

This is not a standard feature and I believe it would require not only software but also hardware changes. Please contact our sales manager if you wish to discuss this set of features for your project.

by anonymous
Thanks for the info. I'll contact sales then.