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We received a RUT240 with our current ISP and the ISP is awful. We paid for the router so I was curious if I were to purchase a cell phone plan through someone such as AT&T, could I use the sim card in their phone in the RUT240 and it provide wireless internet as it has so far. Also, how would it use the data according to the plan? Would it be considered hotspot data or normal mobile data?

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by anonymous

To answer your question short - yes, your SIM card will work with the router.

To answer it in more detail:

First of all, I would check if the router itself is compatible with the operator:

There are many operators and there are many ways they do things with their SIM card plans. As for a plan that should go for cell phone use - it might be that some of the functionality like VPN, Public IP will not be there without asking for it.

If you're going for a totally Data only plan - the operator should think of possibilities you're going to do with that mobile data, so I believe it should be discussed with them just to know what is being already provided and what you may miss.

In the end - you shouldn't have any problems with your operator from our side, but this question should've been directed to your operator in the first place.

Hope this was helpful.