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I am using several RUT500 for data transfer from the field. In one case I found too large traffic and so I started to monitor traffic. How is it possible to retrieve the stored traffic data ? I know it is possible to plot it but how is possible to have the data in digital format for analysng them ? 

Also in the plot below it is not clear what does it mean 1h 2h etc in the horizontal axis. How I can have the data of traffic of each day ? 



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Horizontal axis represents time intervals in hours. Corresponding graph shows data usage during the day. To consult mobile data usage during particular interval of time login to the router via SSH or go to the Services -> CLI page and execute the following command: mdcollectdctl [OPTIONS] . OPTIONS field varies from your needs. More information on mdcollectdctl command and its options can be found here.

Data traffic statistics are stored in /tmp/mdcollectd.db file. If you are using a Linux-based OS go to the directory on your PC where you want to relocate the files, right click anywhere and choose the "Open in Terminal" option. In the Terminal command line use the Secure Copy (scp) command to copy the files from the router. The full command should look something like this: $ scp root@ ./

If you are using Windows, you can copy the files using WinSCP freeware, more info on that here.
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Thanks a lot, it works.  I was able to read the database.