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I have the unit mounted in a plastic enclosure, on top of a radio tower(powered and connection via Ethernet cable).  However, the speed is absolutely rubbish despite having what looks to be a 4G connection.

Sim card state    Ready
Signal strength    -71 dBm
Cell ID    1720070
RSRP    -99 dBm
RSRQ    -14 dB
SINR    -0.5 dB
Operator    3 UK
Operator state    Registered (home)
Connection type    4G (LTE)
Connected band    LTE BAND 20

Speed Test results are : Ping 88ms, Download 1.71Mbps, Upload 0.11Mpbs

I have searched the cell ID all over the internet and can't locate it.  I'm I even connected to an actual Three UK mast?!?

Have you tried www.cellmapper.net ? You can break down your location and provider like I have, find all mast that covers your property and you should be able to find more in depth info from there.

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The RSRP value looks bad. Have you checked the same configuration while still on the ground and not on the top of the tower for example ?

Also try changing the routers/antennas position
Yes, I was testing the device indoors, with it sitting on an upstairs window ledge and was having the same problem, just with a weaker signal.

After speaking to a knowledgeable person, I was told that B20 is used for connections at the outer edge of the range.  I have slowly moved up the bands and getting a stable connection when I manually lock it on B3.  Why does the router not do this automatically?  ie have a balance between throughput and stability?

Also, how can I locate the mast?  If I pointed a directional antenna directly at the mast I could probably get it to be stable on B1.