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New Use case Scenario - remote House / RV / Boat

I'm impressed with the functionality of the RUTX11 and will certainly buy one. I might even influence the RV market to buy Teltonika with it because it looks like the RUTX11 can do a lot of things (everything?) I've seen asked on forums.

I'd like to get confirmation first on a few features if anybody can help me please. Hey, I haven't even got a campervan yet ;-)

Scenario for use case:
- A RV or Boat (mobile) or isolated house (static) which has it's own network resources i.e. NAS but has no fixed Internet access.

- There may be an (at cost) 3G / 4G Mobile Network available.

-There may be a free (or at cost) Wi-Fi network hosted by a camp ground or a carrier supplied Wi-Fi hotspot somewhere nearby that is quite a weak signal being at a distance from the vehicle.

- The aim is to search for and connect the RUTX11 as a client to that remote SSID signal using the WebUI and route that signal to a local AP instance (and the LAN) also on the RUTX11 and leave all local Wi-Fi clients (phone / iPad etc.) permanently connected to the local AP SSID (or LAN).

Priority failover:
1. There is a Wi-Fi connection available - route LAN and local AP traffic through that Wi-Fi client connection.
2. There is a 4G / 3G Mobile signal, route all traffic through that.


1. Use of RUTX11 as a Wi-Fi extender / repeater.
I see that I can set the RUTX11 as a WiFi client - good:

2. I see that I can configure a secondary "Guest" AP Wi-Fi network - good:

3.A. QUESTION: Can I use the RUTX11 as a Wi-Fi client and as an AP at the same time? On the same 2.4MHz range using "Auto" as the AP channel selector?

3.B. QUESTION:  Can the RUTX11 route between the "client" instance and the "guest" AP and the "LAN" to use resources located on the LAN i.e. a NAS and to extend / boost the "client instance" network for use as a route to the Internet for Wi-Fi and Ethernet clients?

4. Accepting that most distant "public" Wi-Fi hotspots are likely to be 2.4MHz for connectivity (and low throughput) benefits. If the answer to 3.A. is positive, is it possible to avoid 2.4 MHz contention to set the "guest" local AP to the 5MHz band and route from the 2.4MHz "client instance"?

5. I'm right out of my depth now . . . To minimise Wi-Fi traffic: could I set a firewall rule so that remote "client instance" Wi-Fi packets not destined for local clients on the local LAN / AP are dropped? I don't see that I would need to add anything here.

Other considerations:

6. How to set up common DHCP scope for AP and LAN. I presume one DHCP server can service both interfaces?

7. How to set up NAT between Wi-Fi client instance and local AP.

8. Set firewall rule(s) to ensure that local AP and LAN traffic are in the same zone - i.e. can all use internal LAN resources, see each other and get on Internet.

Interest based questions:

9. I can't think how the GPS antenna is of use to me in this end user situation although obviously, it's going to be better positioned for signal reception than the dash mounted use of a phone / mini iPad. Am I missing something?

10. Ditto bluetooth. I see there are lots of sender types listed under accessories but for this end use scenario, what use is the bluetooth to me?

I know this is a tall order for a freebie community based support option. If anybody has already done the heavy lifting to set this up on a RUTX11 then I'm up for buying a copy of the configuration (licencing provisions allowing etc.),

Thanks in anticipation.

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by anonymous


I'm glad you're interest in our products and I will gladly answer your questions.

3.A - Yes, it is possible to connect to an available hotspot or access point and at the same time give its internet connection to your own access point clients.

3.B - Yes, that would be relayd functionality. It will extend your network and put your clients under the new AP subnet that you're connected to.

4 - Yes, as these are different access points with different bands it doesn't matter as long as you're able to connect to one, you can share through different band.

5 - Firewall is fully capable of this, so yes, it's possible.

6 - You can totally use one DHCP for both LAN and AP clients, or you can separate them into two different subnets, so this way they would not communicate and have different firewall rules.

7. I believe this is not a full question and needs more explanation of how you're imaging this would look and for what reasons.

8. This is automatic if both local AP clients and LAN devices are in the same subnet managed by one DHCP.

9. It will only help you if you're using GPS functions, it can't help you in any other way. So you should just leave it if you don't see anything happening from it.

10. Same as the question nr. 9, if you don't see yourself working with sensors, it could be that it's not going to help you with anything else.

Hope I could answer your questions!


Best answer
Hi EB,

Thanks for the super quick reply. I'm really glad I found this router!  I'll contact my local distributor (once I have a caravan).

Just one last point. Since I won't use Bluetooth or GPS, will I need to buy "N Terminators" for those ports or can they be disabled in software?

Thanks again.

by anonymous
These are not active if they're not used, so you will not need anything additional to do with them.

Thanks again.
by anonymous
Does this also apply for RUTX12?

Can I configure the system in a way that I am using the camping site (or the WLAN in my home place) [WLAN bridge/extender] and once I move outside this WiFi range that it automatically uses the LTE path [LTE router]?
by anonymous
I am a complete novice at this. I purchased the RUTX11 a couple of months ago and have been trying to set it up ever since (on and off). I am trying to connect to a campsite router, as per the OP's question, but am unable to connect in a manner that allows me to logon to the 3rd party Wifi system. They have a client logon screen and no client security when connecting.
Is there an instruction on how to both do this AND how to run checks to ensure that this connection is open and in use?
I thought if I connected as a client and then disabled the SIM card, that I should be able to continue, but I cannot.
I'd prefer a PDF / video so I can (perhaps) have an understanding of what I am doing. Thanks