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I have a RUT240. Firmware is the latest, as of writing RUT2XX_R_00.01.04.1

I use the System - Backup - Backup archive, and get a backup-Teltonika-RUT240.com-2018-11-15.tar file (If I unpack and inspect and it looks fine)

But I want to make sure it is valid and can be used at a later stage, so I immediatly try to Restore using this file, to the same unit.

I then get "Incompatible backup file selected, please choose another file"

What am I doing wrong now?

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So I checked Backup upload feature and it seems to working correctly on my RUT240 router.

I'm as well using RUT2XX_R_00.01.04.1 firmware version.

What I noticed is, when file is downloaded it is named backup-Teltonika-RUT240.com-2018-11-15.tar.gz  and after extraction backup-Teltonika-RUT240.com-2018-11-15.tar  which incompatible with router.

So my guess would be that you extracted original file and now try to upload extracted file, because of that it showed that file is incompatible.

If you still have backup-Teltonika-RUT240.com-2018-11-15.tar.gz file, try uploading it to the router and check whether it works.

Best answer
When I download the file it gives me a ".tar" file. Not a ".tar.gz" file. So I guess that is the problem.

I used Safari on a Mac to download. I am not at the location again for a while, so I cannot check, but I guess this should solve it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me!
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If I unpack and inspect and it looks fine

What exactly you change in backup file? If you upload without changes does it works correctly?

Sorry for being unclear. I do not change anything. I just unpacked a copy to check that the archive was not corrupt.