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recently we have observed a strange behavior of the RUT955 router.
There is ping to router from WAN but I cannot login to the router (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).

Such a situation has already happened to us several times when yesterday router that was answering for ping showed "disconnected" at the Overview status page (we had our technician at place and he was able to login from LAN).
One of these routers connected by itself, second required two restarts at connect to the network (these device are less than 1km away from each other).
Other router that is in different (private) APN more than 300 kilometers away from the previous two also is responding for ping but from time to time it loose http connection.

At first I thought it was a security issue, but the third router is on a private network and has the same problem. 

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by anonymous


The error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED can be caused by many reasons not related to the operation of the router.

Here are some of them. Use the points in this article.

Best regards.

by anonymous
Yes, I'm aware of plenty possible reason for ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
Connection was checked by at least 4 different hosts and each of them could not connect via HTTP.

We have replaced the router and the new one works properly, so we can now rule out the operator's fault.
I'll monitor situation for next couple of days.