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by anonymous
I have a site with a RUT240 on a roaming data-only SIM. It has been working for several months but has recently become unreliable. I have just made a site visit and have found that the RUT240 is connecting to the mobile network fine, has a signal level of -53dBm which is more than adequate for a reliable 4G connection, but is stating that the data connection is disconnected. I have talked to the SIM provider and they can't see a problem at their end. They suggested that I put the SIM into another mobile device. Putting it into my smart phone I could get the data connection to work fairly easily. As soon as I put it back into the RUT240 it doesn't connect.

I have checked the event logs and can see that it is not getting a WAN IP address from the mobile network provider, yet it does when I use my smart phone. I can see that it does get an IP address sometimes but only one time out of about 40 times at best. I am struggling to understand why it isn't getting a WAN IP address. I have checked the APN configuration with the SIM supplier and it is setup correctly. I have also looked at Teltonika guides, FAQs and other community forum posts, and can see nothing obvious to suggest why there is this problem.

I have run the Troubleshooting file creation process which can be provided if required.
by anonymous
Same issue here. Did you solve it ?

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by anonymous

If you could provide the troubleshoot file and send it to me via private message that would be really helpful.