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We have the RUT955 with firmware using passthrough mode to a Draytek dual wan router.


Logs show data connection being dropped, then reconnecting seconds later, however the connection is not passed to our router and thus the network goes down.

Multiple calls to external network provider and they have assured us the network in the area is fine.

I assume that when data network disconnects, then reconnects, DHCP passthrough is not providing a new IP to the router.

Additionally, to protect against this scenario, we have ping reboot enabled, however reboot is never triggered because it appears as though the data connection to the external network is in place, within seconds after initial disconnect.

When a regular reboot happens, our Draytek router picks this up and requests an IP.

How do we have the Teltonika send a new DHCP lease to the Draytek router, when the data network drops then reconnects?

Attempting to set up SIM keep alive function also causes consistent router crashing and thus cannot be used.

I can provide troubleshoot file as needed.
Looking at the modem logs again there are also times when DHCP lease is passed, but the network is still down. I would appreciate someone taking a look at the logs with some guidance as to where the issue lies and how to remedy.

Many thanks


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Please send me your router troubleshoot file via private message to me. To download troubleshoot file navigate System > Administration > Troubleshoot and press download.