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For this inquiry of yours may i know what do you want to do with the digital input is it only to count the number of times you are giving  voltages on the digital input? And counting it how many times it have change state to high?

If yes, it is possible with scripting if you want to build it on the TRB141 itself but we cannot give the support on how to implement this one. Or either also by using the input/output rules you can generate a HTTP post message to your server where you have a program that counts the number of times the digital input state change to high.

For the information you require you can play around with the I/O Juggler functionality of the device and generating some conditions for this one.

Hope it helps

I'm trying to achieve something similar on a TRB141 by putting a time counter on a digital input, counts when input is high, stops when low.

Anyone knows how it can be done? Is there any scripts example somewhere, even if it's not related to a time counter?

The I/O juggler with script as an action seems to be a good start but at this point I'm lost when it comes to scripting.