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Hello everyone,

I purchased two Teltonika TSW100 switches to use them as PoE switches for a video surveillance system consisting of 8 cameras.

The electrical system I have is 24vdc.

I ask you if it would be preferable, as I have read in general for PoE switches, to have a 48vdc power source, or the device can work correctly also at 12 / 24vdc.

Furthermore, from the TSW100 data sheet I read:

Input voltage range: 7-58 VDC

Power consumption (idle / max no PoE / max): 2 W / 9 W / 129 W

I would also like to know if the reported electrical consumption is the same both with 12vdc and 24vdc or 48vdc power supply.

Thanks a lot and greetings,


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You could refer to our wiki page for more accurate values: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TSW100_Power_Consumption

It is specified in data sheet 7-58vdc interval, so 12 / 24 vdc should be enough for light/ medium load. 48vdc power source in theory should be enough for heavy load.

Reported power consumption should be the same for all power supplies.


Ok, thanks, this is what the page reports:

TSW100 power consumption values in different states of operation are represented in the table(s) below:

State Average power (W) Peak power (W)
Idle 0.457 1.311
PoE devices connected 27.517* 37.448*
Heavy data traffic 2.033 8.4

*Capable of up to 102 W; depends on power supply.

Forgive me, but just to be sure:

- We assume 24vdc power supply.

- 4 ip cams connected with PoE to each.

In the worst case scenario, will the switch draw 102 W at 24vdc to power all 4 cameras?



24vdc power supply should not ever be capable to draw 102W. It is possible with 48vdc power supply and if your cameras power consumption is high.


Hello everyone, I apologize if I resume the question only now, but now I have more accurate data.

I have two TSW100 switches and 8 IPCAM to connect.

The IPCAMs require a PoE power supply of 5w @ 12vdc.

Therefore, considering 4 IPCAMs for each TSW100 switch, the single TSW100 will have to supply 20W @ 12vdc on PoE.

Can I connect the TSW100 to a 12vdc power supply, a 24vdc source would be better, or are 48vdc even necessary?

Thank You,