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Hello again,

I bought RUTX11 and for now I returned it, because I experienced unexpected behaviour.

Speed was not as expected, on balcony I had about 220mbit/s download speeds on my cell phone, whereas about 100-140mbit/s through RUTX11 with provided mobile antennas.

- apparently cell tower is located around 800m far away from me and I got signal strength about -80 on B3 1800MHz and -90 on B7 2600Mhz - would external antenna help with speeds? If so, what are your recommendation for outdoor antenna?

- while getting these speeds above 100mbit/s I experienced a couple of ping timeouts, I also find out that load average is above 2.5, it this normal behaviour?

- would bridge/passthrough mode help with offloading load average and therefore increase speed/stability?

- I don't really need WIFI/BT on RUTX11 (300e), but RUTX09 (270e) is just a little bit cheaper and I wonder if there can be any interference between wifi/bt and mobile signal on RUTX11 so RUTX09 will perform better?

- is CPU on RUTX11/RUTX09 capable of sustain high speeds (150-200mbit/s) with many connections (might be in bridge/passrthrough mode)?

Thank you very much.
I use this antennas together with a RUTX11 to improve speed

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  • There is and explanation why your router speeds are lower than cell phone:
  • Antennas provided in the product packaging should be enough for indoors and outdoors. You could browse our accessories page to find which product fits you most: There may be third party antennas that could provide better performance, but I do not have any recommendations.
  • Regarding you question about RUTX11 and RUTX9 LTE speeds, there should not be any noticeable performance difference. 
  • Also bridge/passthrough mode is know to give better speeds.
  • Under ideal laboratory conditions (which are unavailable in every-day use cases) RUTX11 and RUTX9 are capable to reach max 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed. You need to keep in mind if you have many devices connected to router at the same time, speeds will decrease, but CPU is capable to sustain many connections.


Hi Vykintas,

I need to have outdoor antennas, because outside signal is better and speeds are almost 2x higher and router itself is not weatherproof. Maybe some users can help here from forum if you can't recommend any?

"You need to keep in mind if you have many devices connected to router at the same time, speeds will decrease, but CPU is capable to sustain many connections." - is this valid for bridge/passthrough mode, will speeds decrease too?

What about high load average/packet drops with many connections and high speeds - will this be better with bridge/passthrough mode?

Thank you for quick responses.
Few packet drops are not avoidable in any network infrastructure, but to answer your question in short. Bridge/passthrough should perform better.
One last question, should COMBO MIMO Mobile ROOF SMA Antenna (003R-00252) perform better than the router with mobile antennas (from package) in the same place? Can this antenna be mounted on balcony railing?

Thank you
Roof antenna should perform better in theory, but there is one thing you must keep in mind before using it. Cable length between antenna and router should be as short as possible because longer cable will result in larger loss of packets and your internet speed will be even worse than before. Also when using roof antenna, focus on using higher frequency bands.
I plan on using 3m included cable from roof mobile puck antenna. I'll also use 2600 + 1800 MHz (B7 & B3) locked as it gave me the best results.
I was able to get 140-170mbit/s DL and 25-30mbit/s UL when mobile puck antenna was on balcony, that is more than fine, but I'm gonna try with Poynting XPOL-2-5G antenna to see if I can get more stable and higher speeds.

So far so good :)
Good to know you are satisfied, please let us know of the results.
So with Poynting antenna, I was able to get stable 200mbit/s DL and 30mbit/s UL, just holding it in my hand. It might get even better to 210-220mbit/s once properly mounted. Ping seems to be more stable too. The only dilemma I have got right now is if I should return RUTX09 and replace it with RUTX11 so I get get that router with me while travelling. :)