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Product: RUT240
FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.3

Im trying to force my RUT240 to use 3G only. Here is the config.

It still use 4G LTE though. Why?


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I would suggest to use custom APN settings. You can search internet or contact your operator to provide you with custom APN. Also there is possibility that your SIM plan works only in LTE mode.
I write here to avoid to open new thread:
I got 3G connection using RUT230
3G signal = -77dB registered (home); I TIM; 3G (HSDPA+HSUPA), public IP address given by provider using custom APN (ibox.tim.it) instead default one wap.tim.it.

Using RUT955 I get connection only on 4G (same SIM, same operator, same antenna), just I can see from log router has multiple disconnections during the day, not present when using RUT230.
If I set service mode to "3G only" or "2G + 3G" I get:
- signal -107dB, disconnected, Registered (home); I TIM; 3G (WDCMA), no available IP address from provider.

connection to "auto" is not working, so how can I set it to manual to get connection?