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Hi guys

Really hope someone can help here since Ive been tearing my hair out for 3 days now.

RUT950 is setup as OpenVPN Server. Connections form from several Windows machines just fine.

But .. Cannot ping in either direction from Server to Client, or Client to Server. Wireshark shows traffic going out but nothing appearing at the other end. I sense this is a layer 2/broadcast/ARP problem.

All devices on latest code.

PDF showing the full setup and configuration including sniffs here ..


Any help very much appreciated.


2 Answers

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My best bet is that you need to check your firewall configuration in your Windows settings.
Thanks for the suggestion. Ive disabled FW completely along with all AV. An Android phone behaves the same as well as many other Win10 machines... Connects but not pings in either direction.

I'm out of ideas. If anyone fancies a challenge then Im happy to send them the .ovpn file and even login to get this working. Currently I have a black box which is of no use to me :(
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Fixed. Came down to compression settings. Note that 'adaptive' on the client doesn't work when LZO is disabled at the server end.

Either turn it off completely at both ends, or (preferably) on at both ends. Also watch for the deprecation of comp-lzo.

Something to watch for.