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by anonymous

Good morning crowd support team,

I am battling a bit in understanding the RMS UI's.
When I try to find info online, I see the manual is slightly outdated towards this newer software version and it's functionalities.
Can that be correct or am I not smart enough in finding the information?
For example in the screen shot under Wi-Fi, I shows a Wi-Fi report.
Is that a report that I can influence? For example on the data count or maybe to add data per user per date etc.?
I also have a question on the credits.
I see that page gas changed and now also see that next to credits, there is also data.
What does this data do?
Can I use it in the same way as credits and if so, how would I do that?
I also can not see the add new credits section anymore, only where to buy credits.
Thanks for your help in advance and hopefully there is a new or better manual in .PDF available.


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by anonymous


  1. Yes, unfortunately our RMS manual is outdated right now and will be fixed in the future.
  2. Wi-Fi tab is only for information gathering right now. You can review data sent, received, clients count, status, active users and graphs there. All configuration can be done via router WebUI.
  3. Regarding your RMS question, data works in similar fashion as credits. Right now you have free 5GB data to use for RMS connect features (remote SSH, WebUI and desktop). While you are doing anything via RMS connect, you are consuming your data. You can convert 1 credit to 2GB data.
  4. Credits section right now is located in right upper corner of your screen. You need to press > Credits to access it.

Best regards.